Announcing the CNY Social Impact Prize at Hack Upstate XV

We will award the CNY Social Impact Prize for the best technical prize solution built during Hack Upstate XV from Saturday, October 3rd to Sunday, October 4th that tackles a pressing CNY social or economic challenge.

We seek high impact projects that help CNY become an even better place to live and work for people of all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds and from all geographic communities within CNY. In addition, we welcome local nonprofits and organizations to pitch tech project ideas that address problems and challenges that help Central New Yorkers on a regular basis to our hackers.

  • If you are hacker / technologist / coding enthusiast and would like to build a social impact tech project, please sign up for Hack Upstate XV:
  • If you are a local non-profit looking to pitch an idea to our hackers, please email Jesse at

In order to identify the top challenges in our region, hackers can review the following resources:

For example, some project ideas that we’ve come up with:

  • Create a dashboard listing all social safety net services in CNY
  • Create an application that lists all tech career and professional development opportunities in CNY (ex. Tech meetups on, job listings, resources from local colleges and universities, free classes through the Tech Garden, Women in Business Center, and more)
  • A website that helps CNY identify local open spaces to exercise while socially distancing
  • A local food delivery service app for food deserts in CNY
  • A crowdsource donation app for locals to contribute for Internet hotspots and computers for most in-need communities

What will you build on October 3rd and 4th? We hope to see you at our virtual event!

☞ Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you!

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