Careers in Code Capstone Projects: Design & Development Phase

As part of our Careers in Code program, participants are required to work towards their capstone project, which is a full-stack (front-end, back-end, database) application that they build throughout the 24 weeks of the coding bootcamp. Students shared their ideas in our Ideation Phase blog post here. Read below for updates on how the projects are going.

Archery score-keeper app.

Since we last saw Karin’s mockup, she revamped the layout and did a lot of coding. In the video, she shows off what the pages will look like from one click to the next, which has been streamlined from the original idea. There will be a place for users to keep score and add notes, edit their profile, connect with friends, see their location on a map, keep track of their equipment, and contact her for any issues. She detailed her process of rewriting her original code and physically writing out what the flow would look like on her Careers in Code blog. From here, she’ll work on getting the buttons to work so they take users to the proper page.

: A resource for people who have sensory-processing issues and would like information about potential sights, smells, sounds, etc. in the community.

Recently, Kelly went ahead and purchased a domain and email for her website,, and has also been working on making wireframes in Sketch. The layout has been her key focus, as well as HTML for all the pages. You can follow her process on her new blog at As for her next steps, she wants to work on making API calls so that she can set up a “recent activity” section for her Twitter feed. She’ll also get into learning Bootstrap and will dive into the world of parallax scrolling.

: An app (similar to a dating app) for potential adopters to find adoptable dogs in their area.

Now that she has her idea solidified, Kate has started to do some basic HTML and CSS. With all the new information, it can be difficult to retain it all! Thankfully, Code Academy helped refresh her memory and she got back to work. She created questions that go with her quiz to match pets and potential owners, similar to the style you see in a magazine where you count how many As, Bs, and Cs you chose to find your match. Now, it’s a matter of figuring out the math that goes with the quiz. Stay tuned for her blog documenting the process!

: An easier-to-navigate City of Syracuse website that has a more pleasurable user experience.

Kaitlyn updated us on her project and has made progress with its layout, now moving on to working on the database. She’s also going analog with the wireframes, drawing them out with paper and pencil to get all her ideas out on the page. Eventually, they will become digital. Until then, she’s working on basic HTML and CSS, which she hopes to have finished for the next update.

: A resource that provides immediate household help for chores that can’t wait.

Eva’s helpful application is going to focus on things like cleaning and pet care. It will also provide service for longer-term, seasonal projects like gutter cleaning or yard cleanup, though those may not be immediate services. Currently, she set up the website and is sharing the process on her blog here. In the coming weeks, she’ll work on the code itself, get her files set up, and look for assistance in developing a logo for her project.

: An e-commerce site that helps customers compare prices on men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Last time we heard from Tim, he was using Bootstrap to write the HTML and CSS for his e-commerce website. Now he’s working on a wireframe to put his ideas together visually, which will help him know what he needs to do to code the front end. To supplement his classwork, he’s been practicing JavaScript and API work on His next steps are to research whether he prefers to use web scraping or API calls to gather information for his fashion website and to focus on the back end.

: A visually pleasing online gallery with interactive elements.

Last time we saw Dakir’s project, he had the basic structure of his website laid out so users could flow through each section on the main page. He’s updated the main image to be an animated image of a globe beneath text that says “Welcome to Canvas Your Home Headquarters.” He’s currently creating a framework with Bootstrap for the front end, working on getting all the artwork that he wants to showcase on the website, and putting in more work towards the data model.

If you’d like to hear from the students themselves about their projects, check out our livestream of the session on YouTube below, starting around 18 minutes. All of our classes are livestreamed Monday through Thursday here.

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