Careers in Code Student Success Stories: Brandy Mack

Hack Upstate
2 min readAug 1, 2022


Careers in Code Student Success Stories is a series focused on our coding bootcamp graduates. We’re following their progress in the six months after graduation to learn about projects they’re working on, job placements, and other exciting updates. Our first cohort graduated in August 2019.

Brandy Mack graduated with cohort 2 of Careers in Code in 2021, and is now a Digital Marketing Specialist at Terakeet.

Brandy currently works in outreach and focuses on building relationships with online influencers to develop outreach strategies.

She said that, although the position is not code-heavy, there are aspects of her role where basic knowledge of code is helpful, and it’s exciting to know she can help people understand things about code.

Her ultimate goal is to have the opportunity to give back. Because programming classes weren’t available at her high school until after she graduated, Brandy didn’t have the resources to continue learning programming at a young age.

Brandy hopes to contribute to creating something for the youth of Syracuse. She wants to continue to work harder and harder so that these aspirations can come to fruition. She says that coding is an indispensable skill that she wants to embrace, no matter the discomfort or difficulty.

Brandy said that the career coaching she received during her time with Careers and Code is helping her thrive in her current position.

“Because of CiC, I was able to focus my career efforts. Career coaching gave me a line in, someone to connect with as opposed to being rejected through automated messages,” Brandy said.

Looking forward, she is excited to explore potential opportunities to advance her coding within the company. She is grateful for the motivation that Careers in Code gave her to run toward new opportunities.