Careers in Code Student Success Stories: Kaitlyn Warboy

Hack Upstate
2 min readNov 26, 2019


Careers in Code Student Success Stories is a series focused on our coding bootcamp graduates. We’re following their progress in the six months after graduation to learn about projects they’re working on, job placements, and other exciting updates. Our first cohort graduated in August 2019.

When we first met Kaitlyn Warboy back in March 2019, she was a special education teacher who was unsatisfied with her career prospects. Currently a special education teacher, solving problems and using critical thinking skills are important to her, and she wanted to be able to do those things in a new professional environment.

She turned to coding and fell in love with the problem-solving, thinking outside the box, and collaboration with others, and joined CIC with the goal of securing a full-time position with her full-stack development skills. Here’s what she told us earlier this year:

“I’d like to be able to secure a full-time position after the bootcamp where I can use the skills I have learned, and continue to develop them on various projects to help others. I envision a better, more exciting life for myself and my family.”

In October, she began working as a part-time contractor with Hack Upstate on the Careers in Code website with fellow CIC grad Kelly Corey, as well as HU’s intern, Will Guisbond, and Hack Upstate co-founders Jesse Peplinski and Doug Crescenzi.

“This job has been a huge benefit in keeping coding fresh and learning new skills along the way. I have learned how to work on a true dev team, and it has been amazing! I have also been trying to continue attending local meetups when I can, and began working on a non-profit project with the Code for Syracuse team,” Kaitlyn said.

“I am hoping to find some time to work on my personal site, and continue developing the app I started for my capstone project. I am hopeful that a full-time job will happen for me soon, as I continue to learn and put work into this new career.”

Well, we’ve got good news!

“Soon” came shortly after catching up with Kaitlyn for this blog — she just landed a full-time position as a Junior Developer over at Raymour & Flanigan! We’re psyched to see her reach her goals and work toward the better life she envisioned for her and her family.

If you’d like to keep up with Kaitlyn, feel free to follow her on LinkedIn.