Careers in Code Student Success Stories: Kenyang Lual

Hack Upstate
2 min readJan 22, 2024


Careers in Code Student Success Stories is a series focused on our coding bootcamp graduates. We’re following their progress in the six months after graduation to learn about projects they’re working on, job placements, and other exciting updates. Our first cohort graduated in August 2019.

We are excited to share that Kenyang (Kenny) Lual, a Careers in Code Cohort 5 graduate, has accepted a new full-time position working as a UTOC 1 Engineer at National Grid!

In his new role, Kenny is providing communication, information, and resolution on all network related events to management and our internal customers. As the first point of contact for any network event management, he provides an efficient and effective response to Network issues via triage, escalation, resolution, and follow-up. He is enjoying the training and opportunities available to grow and learn more skills, and is currently focusing on getting his CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification.

Kenny says that Careers in Code gave him the power to think critically when he is coding and also troubleshoot any issues quickly. It also taught him the concept of working well as a team and various project management methodologies that he has found useful. His favorite part of the curriculum was networking with other like minded people and learning new things from them, and he is thankful for the technical skills and the soft skills he learned that have helped him adjust well to his new job so far.

Outside of the new role, he has been busy finishing up his masters degree in Applied Data Science at Syracuse University; “If I’m not at school then I’m either at work or working out.”

In addition to school and his new job, Kenny is working on a project on Syracuse crime for datasets ranging back from 2017 to present day. “I’ve been doing analysis on the datasets and seeing what kind of information I can get out of the datasets by seeing any trending crimes, hotspot areas in the town, and the type of crimes that usually always lead to an arrest,” Kenny says. “Currently, I’m going through geocoding locations so I can visualize a lot of these datasets.”

Congratulations Kenny! We can’t wait to see what else you accomplish this year, and in the future!