Does Tech Recruiting Need to Cost So Much?

Tech companies spend big money on recruitment. It’s for good reason, of course, hiring managers want the cream of the crop on their teams. Finding that talent, however, takes a lot of work, so outsourcing the task to a third-party whose job it is to do that for you can be worth the time saved. But does it have to cost so much?

The actual cost of recruitment
Let’s look a little more into this. There’s a lot that goes into hiring a new team member, and doing so is expensive. There’s the time you spend on phone and in-person interviews, on-boarding new employees, training them (which, depending on the job, could take up to several weeks or months and several other team members’ time to get them up to speed), potential relocation fees, etc.

The biggest expense in all of this, however, is usually the recruiter fee, which can be about 20–25% of the salary you pay to the new employee. With the average starting salary at $93,407, according to Top Echelon, that’s upwards of a $23K bill in exchange for vetted talent, on top of paying that salary and other related fees (training, etc). Hiring locally shaves a bit off the bill (the average software-engineer salary in Syracuse is $66,890, making the recruitment cut roughly $15K), but it’s still hefty, especially for smaller companies.

Back to the question, does it have to cost so much?
The answer is no. As well as encouraging employee referrals to eliminate the middleman recruiting company, you can also partner with schools providing top-notch tech education to their students, graduating fully trained software engineers ready to join your team, whether its for an internship program or an entry-level position in a frontend-centric role, etc.

Advantages of hiring Careers in Code graduates
At our Careers in Code coding bootcamp, we provide intensive instruction on full-stack JavaScript over the course of 24 weeks, with classes held four nights per week. Students are required to work towards their capstone project, which is a full-stack (front-end, back-end, database) application that they build throughout the 24 weeks of the program. Students also write a series of technical blog posts about their project, talk about problems they are solving, and discuss with instructors and fellow students about what they are building.

This program was developed to address the shortage of adequately trained software developers in Central New York and the demand for them from our local technology sector. They are critical to our region’s economic growth and help our local businesses grow.

What it boils down to is: We train. You hire. Careers in Code provides the technical skills grads need to obtain internships and entry-level software development positions, and hiring local talent from our program is much more cost-effective than traditional recruitment avenues.

Bootcamp grads are fully trained and ready to hire
Never hired a bootcamp grad before? Time to join the club! Indeed, the employment search engine, has reported that 80% of recruiters have hired from this pool of talent, and nearly all (99.8%) said they’d do it again. In the same report, three out of four employers felt that coding bootcamp graduates were just as prepared and as high-performing as computer science grads.

If you’re looking to hire for internships or entry-level positions, without the high cost of bringing in a recruitment company, contact us to bring on awesome talent from our program.

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