Key Ingredients for Success in Bootcamps like Careers in Code

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3 min readMay 1, 2024


The following is written by Careers in Code’s career coach, Laura Thorne.

Enrolling in a coding bootcamp is like setting out on an exciting yet incredibly challenging journey. It’s an intense experience with long hours, intense problem-solving, and a never-ending quest for mastery. This journey is undoubtedly difficult, but those who endure will reap enormous benefits. Whether you’re in a full bootcamp like Careers in Code or if you’re learning to code on your own time, these skills and attributes will help you succeed in the long run.

1. Grit and Determination

The first key to surviving coding bootcamp is unrelenting perseverance and tenacity. There will definitely be a lot of difficulties and barriers along the way. There will be times when obstacles that appear insurmountable, self-doubt, and frustration overwhelm you, especially if Javascript is on your programs list. But in the end, the people who have the strength to persevere in the face of difficulty are the ones who win. Accept failures as teaching moments and tackle every coding task with an unwavering determination to succeed. This is your chance to show that you can accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself and that you will excel if you are committed to the program.

2. Hunger for Learning

A career in coding requires a voracious appetite for knowledge as the learning journey never ends. During the program, you must quickly assimilate a great deal of material due to the curriculum’s tough and fast-paced nature. By continually seeking out new resources, interacting with peers, and immersing yourself in coding communities, you may maintain your appetite for learning. Develop a growth mentality in which each line of code written and each concept learned is seen as a step closer to mastery.

3. Time Management

Within a coding bootcamp, time is a valuable resource; distractions and procrastination are your enemy. When there are many assignments and short deadlines, time management skills are critical. Create a well-organized timetable that allows enough time for project work, coding exercises, and lectures. You must be strict about sticking to your schedule and prioritize your activities according to their importance and urgency.

4. Collaboration and Communication

Even though learning to code may seem like a solo endeavor, teamwork and communication abilities are highly invaluable in a bootcamp environment. Seize the chance to collaborate with others in groups by taking advantage of their varied backgrounds and viewpoints.. Whether you’re giving feedback on a colleague’s work or expressing your views during programming sessions, communicate effectively, clearly, and often. In addition to improving your individual learning, you also help your cohort succeed as a whole by encouraging a collaborative culture. Use this opportunity as an opportunity to practice networking as well; you never know where these foundational education-level contacts may lead. Additionally, while you can use your cohort to commiserate, be mindful of slipping into the realm of counterproductive complaints and creating a negative atmosphere. Focus on coming up with solutions, rather than prolonged venting.

5. Resilience in the Face of Failure

A necessary component of learning to code is failure. Algorithms will bog down, bugs will recur, and projects can fail. Nevertheless, your success is ultimately determined by how you handle failure. By accepting failure as an inevitable part of the learning process, you can build resilience. Examine your errors, draw lessons from them, and make adjustments to get better. Keep in mind that every bug patched and issue resolved moves you one step closer to your goals.

Learning to code demands perseverance, determination, and an insatiable desire for knowledge to succeed. Some may find as they go through the journey that it’s not for them. Those that do graduate, come out with more skills and benefits than just learning a new trade; they learn about their own strengths and weaknesses, their own boundaries, and have a newfound faith that if they can get through this, you can get through anything.

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Laura Thorne is the Career Coach with Hack Upstate’s Careers in Code program which is a bootcamp for women and minorities. Looking to learn full stack development? You may be interested in our 24-week bootcamp. You can learn more and apply for our waitlist here!