May 2022 Newsletter

Instructor Max Matthews speaking to admitted students at the Cohort 3 kickoff ceremony
  • Brandon Lanthrip, a Senior Development Engineer at Target, was our first guest speaker of this cohort. He came to speak with our students about his experiences with extreme poverty, homelessness, and using coding and software development to find success and to break through the concrete ceiling. Check out his talk here!
  • Jason Scharf, a Data Program Manager for the City of Syracuse, as well as our Student Success Representative at Careers in Code was our second guest speaker! Jason spoke to our students about accessing Syracuse’s open data! Check it out here!
  • Ann Willcott, a Product Owner at Upstate Interactive, joined us on 5/9 to give a talk on Web3. Ann left a well-paying executive-level job in order to pursue a full-time career in Web3 and shared her experience with our students. Check out her talk here!
  • Amanda Darcangelo, a full stack data consultant at Corporate Technologies, came and spoke to our students on May 16 about entering the data industry. Check out her talk here!
  • Lock 4 Workforce Development Specialist — Non-traditional student advising, administrative duties, career and workforce development.
  • Surge Coding Apprenticeship — Apprenticeship geared towards women and people of color with some technical skills. 12-month, full-time employment opportunity combined with on the job training and instruction.
  • Vidaloop — Senior Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer (Apply Here)
  • Sidearm Sports — Full-stack developer, Mobile app developer, Senior front end developerTrainor — Full-stack web developer
  • Amazon — Front end developer
  • Accenture — Release Engineer, Entry-level apprenticeships, Software developer
  • Fotokite — Software engineer, Spontaneous application (Apply Here)
  • Geopipe — Senior deep learning engineer, Deep learning engineer, C++ engineer, Product engineer, Product engineer (DevOps), Product Manager
  • DIEMlife — Back-end software engineer, Digital designer
  • Airtonomy — Software engineer (cloud), Front end developer, Autonomous flight engineer (C/C++), Site reliability engineer (DevOps)



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