Technology Is Changing The Roles Of Teachers And Students

The following is written by guest blogger Artur Meyster of Career Karma

Technology is changing the duties of students and teachers in the classroom. Students are doing more of the educational lifting through learning modules and learning management systems, while teachers are transitioning to facilitators rather than the knowledge gatekeeper. These new changes force students to be active participants in the learning process rather than merely watching or listening.

Image of a women sitting in front of a desktop computer working.

The new role for teachers is to stay up to date with technology so they can properly implement new technology in their classroom. Students will need to rely less on Google and fully engage in learning modules. Students will slowly learn that applying skills are different from the ability to Google the answer. These new roles will create changes to the current educational model.

Let Technology Steer Classrooms

The fear that students will use the Internet for unproductive reasons won’t teach them the skills they need for the professional world. Technology will always be a source of distraction. Students need to build the skill of remaining on topic. Teachers, on the other hand, need to trust that their students are not using the Internet to cheat.

Teachers will need to step aside and let technology handle a greater load of the teaching. Technology gives students access to the best pedagogy and researched teaching strategies for each content. This will change the teacher’s role and, in turn, will increase the learning potential for students. Teachers will become learning facilitators as technology evolves to teach more topics adequately.

Teach Students New Methods to Build Skills

Image of a teenage male sitting in front of a desktop computer working.
Image of a teenage male sitting in front of a desktop computer working.

Technology Gives Students More Hands-On Experience

Advanced programs make learning online more similar to in-person learning. Technology, like web conferencing and messaging apps, make online courses more similar to their traditional counterparts. These advances will allow the best online degrees to give students the same experience as students who learned in class.

Don’t Leave Teachers to Learn Technology on Their Own

Education Will Change Every Year


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