Announcing Career in Code’s Spring and Fall 2022 Cohorts

The Problems

Hack Upstate’s Careers in Code aims to solve two problems.

Careers in Code

Hack Upstate’s Careers in Code will continue to teach computer programming to individuals to help fight poverty in Central New York. Our coding bootcamp will provide students with the technical skills they need to obtain internships and full-time software development jobs with local employers after 24 weeks of instruction. We help to create and provide access to opportunities for those in concentrated areas of extreme poverty, while providing local employers with a coding bootcamp service that will help them fill talent gaps and foster growth.

What We Offer

In order to minimize as many barriers as possible when it comes to fighting poverty, accepted students receive the following.

Full Tuition Scholarship

The average tuition per student for a coding bootcamp is $11,900. This does not include additional costs for equipment such as laptops or service fees like web hosting and 3rd party API usage. Those living at or below the poverty line are simply unable to take advantage of the opportunities a coding bootcamp provides given their expense. This is unfortunate given low-income students see the largest increase in salary upon graduating from a coding bootcamp.

Loaner Laptops

We will provide loaner laptops for students if they require one. Students will return laptops upon the completion of the program. For our second cohort, we were fortunate enough to work with Working Solutions who helped to provide laptops for our graduates so they can continue their journey in software development. We intend to identify a partner who can pay for the cost of the laptops of the students for each cohort.

Spending Stipend

Students will have access to a spending stipend where they will be able to use funds to pay for anything they need to successfully complete the program. Each student will receive $1400 for their student stipend for our Spring cohort.

Student Success Representative

Our Student Success Representative supports the program by helping our students navigate and eliminate any potential barriers, challenges, hurdles, or problems they might have throughout the program. They’ve worked closely with our students to ensure their success and support them to the best of their ability. We’re determined to have every student that matriculates our program graduate in good standing.

Career Coach

Our Career Coaches help to support the program by ensuring that all of our students are prepared to enter their job search with confidence and competence. They’ll help students with everything involved in the job search process and prepare them to land an internship or entry-level software development position. This includes (but is certainly not limited to): LinkedIn consultations, building a personal brand, resumes, cover letters, job boards, interviews (behavioral and technical), mock interviews, and negotiating offers.

Community Involvement & Tech & Culture Network

Developing students’ skills outside of their technical abilities is an integral piece of Careers in Code. Students participated in networking events, local developer meetups, mock interviews, and were fortunate to be joined by 17 guest speakers. You can learn about our guest speakers here.

Our Experience

Cohort 2 (2021)

Cohort 1 (2019)

Measuring Success and Outcomes

We will measure success based on the percentage of students who obtain software developer jobs with local employers following graduation and their corresponding increases in annual income. We have a system in place that we use to measure success. The most important metrics and objectives we are tracking include:

  • Metric #1: The percentage of students that complete the full 24 week coding bootcamp.
  • Metric #2: The percentage of students that obtain jobs and internships as software developers within 180 days of graduation.
  • Metric #3: The average compensation for students that receive jobs and internships as software developers within 180 days of graduation.
  • Metric #4: The average increase in annual salary for students who complete the full 24 week coding bootcamp within 180 days of graduation.

Cohort 2 (2021)

For our second cohort, the percentage of students that have obtained jobs, internships, or consulting arrangements with local employers within 180 days of graduation is 4 out of 11 students with an overall salary increase of 82%. View our full outcomes report here.

Cohort 1 (2019)

For our first cohort, the percentage of students that have obtained jobs, internships, or consulting arrangements with local employers within 180 days of graduation is 8 out of 11 students with an overall salary increase of 104.10%. View our full outcomes report here.

CIRR Certification

CIRR (Council on Integrity in Results Reporting) is the industry standard for placement stats. We’re very proud to say that Careers in Code is a CIRR certified school. We offer fully transparent results and meet all of CIRR’s standards and are committed to publishing trustworthy graduate outcomes. You can learn more here and view our CIRR outcomes report from our first cohort here (our second cohort’s report is in progress).


We plan to continue to use our CNY-based custom, Careers in Code curriculum. To develop this curriculum we solicited feedback from local employers. Their feedback as well as their hiring needs were used to inform the curriculum’s content as well as its structure.

How it Will Work

We will provide up to 15 scholarships to students for our Spring cohort and up to 20 scholarships to students for our Fall cohort.

Tools and Systems to Enable a Hybrid Cohort

There are a unique set of challenges operating in a hybrid setting that require tools and systems to operate in an effective manner.

  • Zoom — Livestream all of our classes, which will then be published to YouTube (we also love what is doing in the virtual space).
  • Slack — Asynchronous text based communication between students, instructors, and staff. Slack also allows our students to communicate and collaborate with each other and instructors outside of the classroom.
  • Discord — Voice communication and breakout rooms.
  • Calendly — Facilitating 1–1 meeting times between students and instructors. Check out our mentors page!
  • Google Forms — Issue forms and surveys to instructors, students and teaching assistants

How to Apply

Applicant Criteria

Applicants for our Spring, 2022 cohort must meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Current resident of Syracuse
  • Be in a situation where the pandemic has affected your employment status
  • 18 years of age or older
  • A minority and/or a woman
  • Living near or below the Census Bureau’s poverty line
  • Residing in Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Oswego, or Onondaga County.

Admissions Process

You can review the admissions process that details how to apply and what to expect next. We will be actively reviewing applications submitted to us.

Get Involved

We’re seeking individuals to help support our Spring cohort!


We’re seeking first-rate instructors to help support our Careers in Code bootcamp. They’ll help to teach our students the fundamental skills they’ll need to obtain internship and entry-level positions and be successful as a software developer.

Teaching Assistants

We’re seeking motivated individuals (preferably with some teaching experience in the coding/computer science field) to assist with our Careers in Code coding bootcamp. Teaching assistants will help support our instructors, students, and the overall classroom.

Employers and partners

Hiring capable software engineers that are local is really, really hard, but we’ve got you covered. We’re a tech talent pipeline for local organizations.

Guest speakers

Part of the Careers in Code initiative is not only to provide our students with the technical skills they need to become developers, but also to teach them the necessary soft skills needed in the professional world. We’ve found that the best way to expose them to such important topics is to bring in industry professionals who are passionate about sharing knowledge about their own experiences.

Thank You

Since day one our mission has been to unite and facilitate collaboration among the greater Upstate New York technology community. To date, we’ve built a growing network of thousands of Upstate New York technologists and we have facilitated dozens of job placements. Launching Careers in Code in 2021 and 2019 has enabled us to take our efforts to the next level.

What’s Next

  • We will to host an event with the community in the coming weeks to discuss feedback and lessons learned on the second cohort (i.e. successes and challenges) to inform the best hybrid cohort
  • Classes for the spring cohort will kick off in Mid-March (exact date TBD)
  • Classes for the Fall cohort is currently being determined



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